Ray Caron for Maine State House District 78

About Ray Caron

Ray served on the Winslow Town Council for over the last 10 years. As a counselor, he set priorities for public works, fire, police, schools, and recreation priorities, balancing local needs while keeping the tax rate affordable for a diverse range of citizens with many different needs.

Ray on foot bridgeBorn in the Winslow area, Ray Caron has been living in this community his whole life. After raising a family in Winslow, Ray decided it was time to give back. He has served on the Winslow town council for ten years.

Ray's first paying job was haying and dairy work at a local farm in Winslow. As a teenager, he cleaned chicken barns near his home in Winslow. By 18, he was working at a local retail warehouse unloading trucks. In summers, he loaded trucks for a local bakery's Maine distribution. At school, he tutored underprivileged students in biology and chemistry. During college, Ray worked with the Winslow Park and Recreation Department.

When Ray graduated from college in 1978, he went to work for Scott Paper, Sappi, in Skowhegan Maine where he stayed until retirement in 2019 a 40+ year career.

He started in the environmental department and went to the paper machines as a supervisor and technical specialist for the remainder of his career.

He also worked for the Winslow Fire Department as a firefighter and EMT for 8 years. Ray also served as a Cardiac Technician for a local ambulance service.

He will make independent decisions with input from our communities and will represent this district with integrity, honesty, and compassion.